VUV (Vanuatu vatu) Exchange Rate

Vanuatu vatu Banknote
Currency Exchange Rate Currency Name
USD $0.01 United States dollars
EUR €0.01 Euros
JPY ¥1.06 Japanese Yen
GBP £0.01 Pounds Sterling
CAD $0.01 Canadian Dollars
AUD $0.01 Australian Dollars
VND ₫212.24 Vietnamese Dong

The chart above lists the current exchange rate of VT1 VUV across various heavily-traded world currencies.

As of December 6th, it takes VT107.05 Vanuatu vatus to buy one United States dollar. The Vanuatu vatu is heavily inflated, and is worth much less then the United States Dollar.

The Vanuatu vatu (ISO code VUV), is a currency used in Vanuatu.

The Vanuatu vatu is used in Vanuatu
Currency Name: Vanuatu vatu
ISO Currency Code: VUV
Currency Symbol: VT
Currency Symbol Code: VT

Vanuatu vatu exchange rate against the United States Dollar - 5-day trend
VUV Exchange Rate Trends - Click to view trend graphs

These graphs show the short-term exchange rate trends for the Vanuatu vatu against other world currencies.

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